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A Maintenance Service Call Will Consist of the Following:

  • Remove debris from covers prior to opening

  • Test and adjust pool/spa chemicals

  • Vacuum and brush pool/spa surfaces

  • Skim water surface

  • Clean tile

  • Clean all skimmer baskets and pump strainers

  • Maintain filters (cleaning or back washing as needed, this does not include DE or Cartridge Filters)

  • Record all activities on log sheet and leave the pump room free of empty chemical containers

Items related but not included, these items are billed at an hourly rate of $126.00:

  • Cleaning of auto-cover box

  • Draining, cleaning, and refilling of negative edge moats, water-features and spas

  • Installing and removing winter covers

  • Heavy tile cleaning, removing scale from waterline

  • Algae treatment and follow-ups

  • Removal and replacement of solar blankets, $10.00 per visit

  • Seasonal cleaning of filter cartridges and DE filters

  • Between our visits, the homeowner/customer is responsible for maintaining proper water levels and chemistry. These needs vary with usage and heat.

*Service days may be changed if regular service day falls on a legal holiday or due to inclement weather.

*Some pools or spa of an unusual design or size may require customer pricing. This would be determined by an on-site visit.